Hi! I’m Jess

With more than 8 years experiences, I am committed to sharing all of my knowledge and experience with women without holding back. My goal is to take care of their health and help them maintain a sustainable figure without stressing over self-care.

About Me

Jessica is a woman who loves taking care of herself and wants to continuously improve her physical fitness. One of her sources of happiness is sharing her knowledge of exercise and nutrition with Thai and foreign women, helping them understand more about these topics.

Her name is Jessica Cuny, also goes by Jess. She is 37 years old. She has been fond of exercising since childhood and enjoys playing various sports such as basketball, tennis, and swimming. She played basketball every evening during primary and secondary school. In university, she played badminton and participated in various physical activities, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Hotel Management from Kasetsart University Bangkhen.

After graduating, she worked as a Guest Relation Officer at the Intercontinental Bangkok Hotel for one year before quitting to become an Emirates airline air hostess for three years. She left her job due to health issues, but while she was flying, she exercised by going to the gym and yoga classes as a regular woman. She did not focus much on weight training but mainly did cardio exercises.

Her interest in weight training and going to the gym started when she wanted to try to lose weight and improve her legs shape. She has a good understanding of how to develop her personal image because she participated in the Miss Thailand Universe competition in 2005 and received training in her job as an air hostess. She watched Cindy Crawford’s video when she first started and felt a lot of body aches but eventually got used to it.

After that, Jess continued weight training and enjoyed it a lot. At first, she was afraid of bulking up, but it didn’t happen. Her legs looked smaller and her waistline became slimmer. She also gained some muscle in her arms, which she liked a lot. Jess kept training and enjoyed finding new information on the internet, studying and understanding which parts of her body she needed to focus on to improve.

Before, Jess had wide hips and was quite large, but now she has been doing a lot of core training, and her stomach is much flatter. Despite this change, she still enjoys weight training.

Most of the questions that women ask Jess are not very different from each one, such as “what should I do to reduce my large thighs?”, “how do I reduce my belly after giving birth?”, “how do I tighten my flabby arms?”, “how do I look smaller with a big body?”, and “how do I lose weight without losing my belly fat?” Jess has encountered all these problems herself, and as a result, has received a lot of positive feedback from her students. Many of them did not know what to do, and there was a lot of information available, but they didn’t know where to start. Jess wrote articles that were easy to understand and in conversational language to meet the needs of women who wanted to fix their problem areas. This has led to Jess successful growth and development of her page.

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You can share your problems, report your weight, height, and current life situation so that Jess can give advice or evaluate whether the #OnlineTrainWithJess course is suitable for you or not.


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