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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Online Training Course

1. Course Activation
Commencement of training should take place within two months of payment receipt.

2. Course Suspension
Participants are entitled to one break during the course, lasting a maximum of two months. Extending beyond this period will incur a monthly fee of 500 baht. Please provide advance notice of at least 3 days if you wish to initiate a break, with the break period commencing on the following Monday. This advance notice is essential for efficient course organization.

3. Refund Policy
Kindly note that no refunds will be issued.

4. Privacy and Copyright

We reserve the right to document and create videos of online learning sessions conducted by Be Fit With Jess. These recordings are intended for the exclusive use of enrolled students. Any unauthorized commercial use of these materials will be subject to legal action as per the applicable laws.


Terms and Conditions for Products, Sports Equipment, and Dietary Supplements

1. Product Guarantee
We guarantee the product against damage resulting from production or transportation only.

2. Claim Period
After receiving the product, you may request a product claim in case of damage or issues within 7 days. If the request is made after this stipulated period, we will not provide refunds or exchanges for a new product in any case.


Video Spotlight

I am very excited today to review the workout equipment, BOOTY X, for those who love to sculpt their glutes, lose fat, and have toned legs and abs. If you are determined to work hard, it can bring great benefits, helping you to reduce belly fat and lower body fat. Let’s listen to the review together.

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